The 15 Million Dollar Man - Sean Wood

This is the story of property investor Sean Wood, the student who became the master. It's a story about how he studied the theory of property investing, applied that theory, and went on to succeed in spectacular fashion.
This is also a story about how anyone can do it - including you.

Download 2 FREE chapters of Sean Wood's "15 Million Dollar Man"

  • Here are just some of the chapters in Sean's book!
  • Working with agents
  • Negotiating basics
  • The first purchase
  • Starting to get on a roll
  • Keeping up to speed: renovations and refinancing
  • Negotiating more great deals
  • Property investing is a business
  • Re-evaluate and stick with what works
  • Setting more goals
  • Think outside the square
  • Use the property cycle to your advantage
  • More lateral thinking
  • Keeping it in perspective
  • Capital growth and new goals

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